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W55003. July 2017 Update

Another busy day for the DMU crews with the BubbleCar being the focus of attention.


The exhaust pipes have been connected up and the Bubble Car’s distinctive look is once again back.

Kevin Haines, unsung hero, has put in some more desk paneling on the south cab. Kevin has also finished off the wooden trim around the cab windows. And a mighty fine job it looks. Well done Kevin.


The crews have finished off the last few jobs that did not get finished off last Sunday. Fuel lines were checked over, coolant added, hoses finished off.

The teams have been working on the interior trim making sure it is ready for when we can start putting the Cotswold side panelling back on.

It is hoped, with good weather next Sunday, that the BubbleCar will once again venture outside over the pit. It is hoped that both refurbished engines will be started and run up to allow for installation checks and to check the modifications that have been carried out.

So watch this space……..

Date posted:

Sunday, 2 July, 2017

The Cotswold Diesel Railcar Fleet