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Class 117. December 3rd 2017 Update

117 Update. Not to feel left out, the 117 set was planned to be put over the external pit to allow the finishing of the winter examinations. However, anyone who has ever worked on these 1st generation DMU’s will know that not everything goes to plan.

The first problem of the day was W51360 would not start due to flat batteries. Fortunately we have had this problem before and a battery charger was quickly found and plugged in. After a quick “boost” the engines turned over and fired first time, (you have got to love Leyland 680’s when they work!!).

Right, now to get on to the pit to finish off the exam work. Dr George commented that one of the bodyside heaters would not run up last week and needed changing. Also it would be a good idea to ascertain why the batteries were going flat.

A spare body side heater and battery were sought and replaced. Alas, as often happens with 1st generation DMU’s, the heater developed the same fault as the original heater, despite running up when plugged in locally, (lots of head scratching to come me thinks!), but the battery replacement seems to work.

The set exam was completed and the set made ready for the forthcoming trips to Lapland, carrying loads of excited children to see #santa

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Sunday, 3 December, 2017

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